Our Approach as Your Advisor

We are selective in the number of client engagements we undertake, which enables us to regularly access and apply the full resources of the firm for the benefit of each client. The advice and execution services we provide is consistent with a long-term business partnership approach.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with creative and tailored solutions that address their financial and strategic needs. AWC partners have spent their careers working closely with business owners and management teams as they confront and address critical business challenges and opportunities.  To meet these challenges and opportunities, we have extensive investment banking expertise in acquisitions, divestitures, private placements of debt and equity, and complex project and structured financings.

We have a rather unique approach to transactions. First, we believe in building relationships. We work to gain a deep understanding of your business, your people and your business strategies and objectives. We help you analyze a broad range of options and tailor a solution that meets your immediate and long term goals.

Liquidity and Ownership Succession: If a business owner is looking for liquidity, we will present an entire range of opportunities for a full or partial sale or recapitalization of the business. We recognize that every situation is different and that every ownership constituency, whether they be the founders, family, management or ESOP/employees, has their own specific objectives and desires. So our structured advisory process starts with our client/partner and what they want out of a transaction, which often includes considerations beyond valuation and cost of capital. Then, we conduct an in depth analysis of the business, its growth and development plans and associated capital requirements to determine an applicable range of liquidity options.  Once the path is determined, we have the capabilities to assign a full team of seasoned AWC partners to work collaboratively with our client/partner to execute in a confidential and disciplined manner.

Growth and Acquisition Capital: Most business owners are focused on building their business through organic growth or acquisitions. We work closely with our clients as they develop their growth strategy, which may include product line or geographic expansion, tuck in acquisitions or a transformative merger or acquisition. Armed with your growth strategy, we work closely with you to evaluate the underlying capital requirements and develop a financing plan to support the growth strategy. We use our extensive knowledge of the capital markets and long term relationships with funding sources to deliver the most appropriate source and form of capital to meet your needs.

Liquidity and Growth Capital for ESOP/Employee-owned Businesses: The founding members of AWC have over 150 years of collective experience in capital markets transactions involving broader-based employee ownership or ESOPs. We have been at the forefront of some the most innovative and successful management/employee-led buy-out transactions to date.  In addition, several AWC partners are nationally recognized experts in managing ESOP repurchase liability and establishing and maintaining minority/majority ESOP ownership structures that are sustainable.  Businesses with substantial employee ownership are often told, and/or believe themselves, that they face inherent trade-offs between retaining and preserving resident employee ownership and corporate autonomy while adequately funding corporate growth opportunities and meeting legacy shareholder liquidity needs.  AWC’s advisory skill sets and merchant banking investment capabilities radically change what is possible for employee owned businesses.  We are expert at working with our clients/partners to put tailored solutions and capital to work productively addressing growth opportunities and liquidity needs while preserving resident employee ownership and corporate autonomy. 

AWC seeks to develop strong multi-faceted partnerships with our clients and with our commitment to an ongoing partnership, we deliver results and value beyond the initial transaction.  Please contact us to learn more about AWC.